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Ginger Ale Settlement

A 2.45 million dollar settlement has been proposed in the class action lawsuit entitled Fitzhenry-Russell, et al. v. The Coca-Cola Company.

The case is pending in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California.

You can file a claim at www.gingeralesettlement.com.

Claim forms are due no later than 9/5/2019.

Class members claim that Seagram’s Ginger Ale products are falsely labeled with “real ginger” claims.

By labeling the product with “real ginger” it made class members think they were receiving real ginger root.

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Who should file a claim?

Legal residents of the United States who purchased any Seagram’s Ginger Ale products between April 1, 2013, and June 13, 2019. A 2-liter bottle, a 20-ounce bottle, a 12-pack of 12-ounce cans, or a 10-pack of 7.5-ounce cans would each be considered a single product.

GingerAleSettlement.com Contact Info

  • Seagram’s Ginger Ale Settlement RG/2 Claims Administration LLC P.O. Box 59479 Philadelphia, PA 19102-9479
  • GingerAleSettlement@rg2claims.com
  • 1-844-979-7303

How much money will class members receive?

The exact amount is unknown but…

Claims for 1-5 units will be compensated with $4. If Class Members do not provide proof of purchase, they can claim up to 13 units per household and receive a payment of $10.40.

With proof of purchase, Class Members can collect up to $80 for 100 units – assuming that at least 87 of these units are accompanied with proof of purchase.

GingerAleSettlement.com Class Member Counsel

  • Marie McCrary
  • Seth Safier
  • Adam Gutride

The above lawyers are from the law firm GUTRIDE SAFIER LLP.

Proof of Purchase Required?

Class members who want to claim more than 13 units will have to provide a receipt of purchase.

Class members who are filing a claim for less than 13 units do not have to submit proof of purchase.


www.borrowwithsage.com – Sage Lending Offer Code


Borrow With Sage Offer Code

Apply for a personal loan with your unique offer code from Sage.

Simply visit www.borrowwithsage.com to begin your application.

Must be 18 years of age or older and a legal resident of the United States in order to apply.

A good to great credit score is required.

Sage Lending is a division of First Century Bank N.A. Equal Housing Lender. Member FDIC.

BorrowWithSage.com Reviews

Borrow With Sage Customer Service

  • Phone: 1-866-433-7475
  • Fax: Not available
  • Mail: PO Box 240, Commerce, GA 30529
  • Email: sage@borrowwithsage.com

What states are eligible?

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

If your state of residence is not shown you will not be able to obtain a loan with Sage Lending.

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Any Fees associated with these loans?

You betcha!

You will have to pay a $150 processing fee when obtaining a loan with Sage Lending.

A late fee of $30 will apply if a scheduled payment is more than 5 days late.

A dishonored payment fee of $30 will apply if a scheduled payment is returned by your bank.

Fees are no joke at Sage Lending.

When will I get the money?

If your loan is approved for funding by 3 PM EST, funds will be electronically deposited to your bank account via ACH on the next banking day.

If your loan is approved for funding after 3 PM EST, it will require an additional business banking day to fund.

www.sofi.com/refitoday – SoFi Rates and Refinance Student Loan


Sofi Refi Today Offer

Refinance a student loan with SoFi and literally save thousands of dollars.

To begin visit www.sofi.com/refi and click on the “find my rate” tab.

In order to proceed, you will need to provide your name, state of residence and email address.

You must also agree to the SoFi terms and the ESIGN ACT Consent Form.

Refinancing is a must if you have high-interest student loans.

SoFi Refi Customer Service

  • Email: Customerservice@sofi.com
  • 1-855-456-7634 Monday to Thursday 4 am to 9 pm & Friday or Sunday 4 am – 5 pm
  • Mortgage Emails: mortgage@sofi.com
  • SoFi Mortgage Phone Number: 1-844- 763-4466
  • Wealth: advisor@sofiwealth.com
  • Wealth phone number… 1-855-525–7634

SoFi Refinance Notes

  • Fixed rates from 3.49% APR (with AutoPay) or 8.194% APR (without AutoPay)
  • Variable rates currently from 2.27% APR (with AutoPay) to 7.804% (without AutoPay)
  • Interest rates on variable rate loans are capped at either 8.95% or 9.95% depending on term of the loan
  • Lowest variable rate of 2.27% APR

Other Refinance Options

SoFi Reviews

  • NerdWallet: 5 out of 5 (a perfect score!)
  • CreditKarma.com: 3.5 out of 5 based on 15 votes (small sample size)
  • Finder.com: Rating 4.6 out of 5 ‎reviewed by Aliyyah Camp
  • TheCollegeInvestor.com: 90% out of 100% ‎Review by Alexa Mason

SoFi Stock

At this time SoFi is a private company and specializes in Student loan refinancing, Mortgages, Personal loans, Parent loans, and Wealth management.

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  • Indigocard.com login – Access an Indigo card account online with a username and password
  • PixelSettlement.com – File a claim for up to $500 cash in the Weeks v. Google LLC Claims Administrator

SoFi Who Is?

Social Finance, Inc. (also known as SoFi) is an online personal finance company that provides student loan refinancing, mortgages and personal loans.

The firm is based in San Fransico, CA and was founded in August of 2011.

Autopay Discount:

The SoFi 0.25% autopay interest rate reduction requires you to agree to make your scheduled monthly payments by an automatic monthly deduction (ACH) from a savings or checking account.

www.indigocard.com login – Indigo Platinum Customer Service

www.indigocard.com login

IndigoCard Login

Access an Indigo Card account online with the username and password.

Visit www.indigocard.com login or www.indigo.myfinanceservice.com to begin.

The Indigo Card is designed for consumers with less than perfect credit and is looking to improve their score via on-time payments.

www.IndigoCard.com Customer Service

  • 1-866-946-9545 (from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm, Pacific Time, seven days a week)
  • www.indigocard.com/customer-service
  • FAX: 503-268-4711
  • Payment address: Genesis FS Card Services | PO Box 23039 Columbus, GA | 31902-3039

Indigo Apply Invitation Number

You will need the invitation number when making an application.

If you already have the card don’t bother with it.

More Credit Cards to consider?

  • GreenSkyOnline.com – GreenSky and GreenSky Patient Solutions are loan program names for certain consumer credit plans extended by participating lenders to borrowers for the purchase of goods and/or services from participating merchants/providers
  • MyVanillaDebitCard.com – The MyVanilla Prepaid Visa Card and the MyVanilla Prepaid Mastercard are not available in the state of Vermont.
  • IndigoApply – The Indigo Platinum credit card credit limit will be determined once the application has been reviewed and approved.

Register Indigo Card?

If you just received the card in the mail and need to register please visit www.myindigo.com register and enter the card number.

Indigo Card Reviews (Benefits)

  • Quick Pre-Qualification (No Impact to your Credit Score)
  • 60 Second Decision Choose Your Card Design
  • Can be used anywhere in the United States anywhere the Mastercard logo is present
  • No Additional Charge
  • Mobile Account Access 24/7
  • Chip Card Technology (Adding an Additional Layer of Fraud Protection)

Please note you must be 18 years of age or older and a legal resident of the United States in order to obtain this credit card.

Other Card Options

  • Credit One Card
  • Milestone Card
  • First Premier Credit Card

Final Verdict

“The Indigo Platinum MasterCard provides an opportunity to access credit for those with less than perfect credit.”

A decent credit card for those looking to rebuild their credit score and are short on options.


www.pixelsettlement.com – File a Claim for $500 Cash!



A class-action lawsuit has been filed against Google claiming that Pixel phones made before 2017 had a microphone defect.

Google denies any action of wrongdoing but has agreed to establish a 7.25 million dollar settlement fund.

Visit www.pixelsettlement.com to file a claim or obtain court documents.

Claim forms must be in 10/7/2019 in order to receive a cash settlement.

Google Pixel Speaker Class Action Settlement Class Member

Anyone in the USA who purchased a Google Pixel or Pixel XL that was manufactured before Jan. 4, 2017 and did not receive a replacement that was manufactured after Jan. 3, 2017 or refurbished after June 5, 2017.

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Settlement Amount?

The amount of money any one class member will receive can vary but the max payout is listed as $500.

Contact Information?

If you’re looking to contact someone in regards to PixelSettlement.com please reach out to…

  • 1-855-879-3971
  • Weeks v. Google LLC Claims Administrator c/o KCC Class Action Services LLC P.O. Box 404153 Louisville, KY 40233-4153
  • info@PixelSettlement.com

You don’t need a lawyer…

Class members will be represented by a small army of attorneys to include…

  • Daniel C. Girard
  • Jordan Elias
  • Adam E. Polk
  • Simon S. Grille
  • Benjamin F. Johns
  • Andrew W. Ferich
  • Zachary P. Beatty
  • Beena M. McDonald

Google Counsel

  • Bobbie J. Wilson
  • Patrick S. Thompson
  • Sunita Bali
  • Mara Boundy
  • Danielle C. Pierre
  • Maria Nugent

Please note all of the above-named lawyers come from PERKINS COIE LLP.