– How To Activate a Sears MasterCard

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In order to activate a Sears credit card online simply visit and follow the on-screen instructions. is super easy to use and requires the card number and a valid email address.

Card members will be asked to provide their Sears card number, Last 4 Digits of the Primary cardholders’ SSN, exact name as it appears on the Sears Card, and date of birth.

Also the Sears card members will have to provide a valid email address if they hope to register the card online. Notes

  • Should take less than 2 minutes to complete
  • Old people may want to activate the card over the phone (the Internet is too scary for them)
  • Once the card has been activated the member can start making purchases anywhere in the United States
  • The activation service is available in both English and Spanish is compatible with the Sears Charge Plus, Sears Home Improve Account, Sears Mastercard, and The Great Indoors Gold Mastercard.

All of these credit cards require a good to great credit score.

Not a Sears Shopper?

Maybe these credit cards will wet your whistle!

Sears Card Activation Mailing Addresses

  • Sears Private Label General Inquiries, P.O. Box 6275, Sioux Falls, SD 57117
  • PAYMENT ADDRESSES: Sears Consumer Payments, P.O. Box 9001055, Louisville, KY 40290-1055
  • Sears Consumer Express Payments – Attn: Consumer Payment Dept., 6716 Grade Lane, Building 9, Suite 910, Louisville, KY 40213

Activate Sears Card Phone Number

Any issues that arise during the activation process can be directed to a Sears customer service agent at toll-free 1-800-815-7701.

Additional Phone Numbers

Finally the Sears Credit Card Activation URL

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