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The PNC Prepaid Card gives you convenient and secure access to your money anytime you need it.

Visit www pncprepaidcard com to login with the card number.

Pleae have the PNC Card number PLUS the AAC number in order to login.

PNC Bank PayCard is billed as a prepaid Visa Card funded through a payroll deposit that you can use to make purchases up to the amount available on the PayCard.

If you need to register the PNC card please provide the following…

  1. name (first and last)
  2. email address
  3. phone number
  4. mailing address
  5. date of birth
  6. work phone (optional)

www PNCPrepaidCard com Customer Service

Other Options?

Other prepaid card designed for residetns of the United States include the Brinks prepaid card, NetSpend, and the Visa Vanilla Card.

pncprepaidcard/account information

If you need information in regards to your PNC prepaid card please dial the toll-free number on the back of the card to obtain balance amount, recent transactions, and reload information if available.

PNC Bank

PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. is a bank holding company and financial services corporation based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Its banking subsidiary, PNC Bank, operates in 19 states and the District of Columbia with 2,459 branches and 9,051 ATMs.

www.smionecard.com login page – Smione Platinum Card Login


www.smionecard.com login page

smiONE Card

Register or login to a smiONE credit card accounts online.

Visit www.smionecard.com to register or login.

Must be 18 years of age or older and a legal resident of the United States in order to obtain the smiONECard.

This is a prepaid card and can be used anywhere in the United States where the Visa logo is present.

Cardholders credit scores will not be harmed or improved with the smiONE Card as it is not a credit card.

www.smionecard.com login texas

The login for cardholders in the state of Texas is the exact same as cardholders in all other states (same goes for www.smionecard.com Florida).

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My smiONE Card Benefits

  • No credit check required
  • 24/7 account access
  • Reloadable at ACH, Moneygram, Western Union, or Direct Deposit
  • A bank account is not needed in order to register

www.walmartacademycard.com – Login Walmart Academy Card


WalmartAcademyCard.com comes in the Walmart Academy Prepaid Visa Card and the Walmart Academy Prepaid MasterCard.

Many people are calling this the best-prepaid card on the face of the earth.

Other consumers are calling it one of the worse prepaid cards in the United States… it’s hard to say who is right or who is wrong.


WalmartAcademyCard.com Highlights

  • This is not a credit card
  • Contrary to popular belief this prepaid debit card can be used at places other than Walmart
  • Since this is not a credit card a customer does not need a good credit score

WalmartAcademyCard.com Online Access Benefits

  • Allows the customer to check balances, track transactions, view card statements
  • Customers can use one of thousands of surcharge-free MoneyPass ATMs nationwide
  • Hence, to set up an account online the customer will have to provide the card number & security code
  • Non-MoneyPass ATM Network transactions will be charged a $1 fee

Also, note the Walmart Academy Card can be used anywhere in the United States that takes Visa or Mastercard debit cards.

Some merchants place a hold of $75 or more on your card when you pay-at-the-pump.

Editor’s Recommendations

Walmart Academy Card Pro Tips:

The Walmart Academy Card can be used to tip businesses (i.e. Pizza Delivery Guy, Red Lobster Waiter).

Be sure to alert the cashier prior to the transaction as some merchants do not accept “split” payments.

Here come the FEES!?  (any fees associated with the card)

  • Monthly Maintenance Fee: $0
  • In-Network Domestic ATM Cash Withdrawal Fee: $0
  • Dormancy Fee: $0
  • Out-of-Network Domestic ATM Cash Withdrawal Fee: $1.00 per transaction
  • Replacement Card Fee: $5.95 per card
  • Balance Liquidation Fee: None

Furthermore, the maximum amount of money a customer can withdrawal a month is $1,500.

The Daily Domestic ATM Withdrawal Limit is a mind-numbing $400.

Alternative to WalmartAcademyCard.com?

Any questions in regards to the Walmart Academy Debit Card can be directed to 1-877-937-4098.

The above number is available from 7 am to 7 pm CT Monday to Friday and Saturday from 8 am to 5 pm CT.

Finally, the Walmart Academy Card URL