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Detox with Super Foods

Get The Superfood Detox Code Book which will explain which 13 science-based superfoods you should add into your daily diet!

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What’s Include?

  • The Superfood Detox Code Book (On Amazon For $24.95)
  • 14-Day Complete Body Detox Kick-Start Plan ($27 Value)
  • Over A Dozen Tasty Superfood Smoothie Recipes ($47 Value)
  • Personalized Detox Coaching Call ($127 Value Per Session)

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Get Superfood Detox Code Book Supplements

Green Detox Mint Chocolate

Green Detox Lemon Tea Bundle

Test Reload Effervescent Bundle

Detox with Superfoods Free Book Customer Service

  • Phone: 1-800-655-8576
  • Customer service hours are Monday – Friday: 9 AM – 7 PM CST Saturday – Sunday: 10 AM – 4 PM CST
  • support@sixpackabs.com

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www.fcarecallreimbursement.com – Reimbursement Request Form

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Please use the Reimbursement Request Form to file for a cash reimbursement.

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Please note that necessary repairs may vary by recall or extended warranty.

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FcarecallReimbursement.com Customer Service

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Score With Pepsi Sweepstakes

Enter to win some great gear from the NFL Shop just in time for football season!

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Winners List

In order to obtain a winners list associated with the promotion can mail in a 3” x 5” card containing your name and address to be received by November 29, 2019.

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