Visit – TNTDrama com Activate Review allows a TBS fan boy to watch the Turner Broadcasting System on a streaming device (i.e. Roku, Apple TV).

TNTDrama com Activate is free of charge and the user must have primary ownership of the streaming account in question. How To?

  • Navigate to
  • Select the customers device (i.e. Amazon Fire TV)
  • A passcode will be provided
  • Login to the streaming device account and enter the pass code
  • Presto chango the user now has access TNTDrama

Please note the Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. is a WarnerMedia Company. is a part of Turner Entertainment Digital which is a part of Bleacher Report/Turner Sports Network.

TNTDrama com Activate

TNTDrama com Activate Highlights

  • The activation process will take between 2 to 5 minutes to complete (depending on the users age and vision)
  • Activating TBS should give the user access to TNTDrama com streaming
  • Some providers may limit the amount the user can stream through their device

Devices capitable with and TNTDrama com Activate include Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, Roku, and XBox One. roku


Any questions in regards to the TBS activation process should be directed to the users local cable/streaming provider.

For example if the users cable provide is Charter Communications they should dial 1-833-780-1880.

Users can also attempt to contact TBS at 404-827-1700 or email

Customers looking to reach out the to TBS corporate office can write to: Turner Headquarters One CNN Center Atlanta, Georgia 30303.

TNTDrama com Activate Website

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