Those who purchased a lame DNA kit will have to visit Go To to get started.

In order to start the activation process please visit and follow the on-screen instructions.  In order to create a free account the customer will have to provide their name, email address, and agree to the Ancestry Terms and Conditions and Privacy Statement and agree Ancestry may contact you via email about their products and service.

Go To Notes

  • Activation should take less than 3 minutes
  • Both men and women can take the AncestryDNA test and are tested in the same way for the same number of markers providing the same level of detail in the results
  • This is a must for people who have no clue where they came from
  • Raw DNA data is provided in a TAB delimited text file

Once the lab receives the DNA sample please allow up to 8 weeks for the result to be posted.

How in the world do I view my results?

When your AncestryDNA results are ready, you will receive an email from AncestryDNA notifying you, with a link to view your results. Your results will also be available online in your password-protected AncestryDNA account here:

Customers are allowed to share their DNA results via the  “Viewer”, “Collaborator”, or “Manager” tabs.  Sharing is not required and most people will want to keep their DNA test to themselves. Phone Number

  • Please dial toll free 1-800-401-3193 to speak with a Ancestry DNA Test customer service agent
  • 1-800-ANCESTRY (262-3787) available from 9:00 am to 11:00 pm ET Monday through Sunday
  • If you in the country of Canada and need to speak with an Ancestry DNA Activate Phone Number agent please dial 1-800-958-9073

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Activation Website

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