Neighbors Credit Union Secured Visa Credit Card Review

If your credit is less than stellar, you may be having trouble securing a credit card. You do have options when it comes to finding a credit card regardless of what your credit score is.

The Neighbors Credit Union Secured Visa card is one such option that can actually help you build your credit or improve your poor credit rating over time.

With the Neighbors Credit Union Secured Visa card you can use the money in your savings account as collateral.

This allows you to secure this credit card while you work to build a credit history or fix past credit issues. It is a great alternative to high-interest credit cards, that can be difficult to keep up with.

Neighbors Credit Union Secured Visa Credit Card Review Benefits

  • The Neighbors Credit Union Secured Visa card offers an APR that is as low as 9 percent
  • The credit card also offers rewards in the form of gift cards, merchandise, and travel
  • The Neighbors Credit Union Score Card gives you one point for every dollar you spend with the card

The credit card does have a 100,000-point limit, but the points don’t expire for three years from the end of the calendar year they were earned. This reduces the pressure to use them quickly and allows you to save for what you really want to redeem them for.

Points are detailed on your monthly statement with more reward options added every month.

You can also create your own personal design with the Neighbors Credit Union Secured Visa card, giving you the opportunity to customize the card with a personal picture or meaningful image.

This really allows you to make this card your very own.

The Neighbors Credit Union Secured Visa card can also be used as a part of your digital wallet through Android Pay, Apple Pay or Samsung Pay.

You’ll be able to use this credit card with ease as you work to improve your credit or build a credit background to have the spending power you need for the purchases you want to make.

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