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Search for a dentist provider via a network search.

Visit www.uhcmedicaredentistsearch.com to begin.

From theUHCMedicaredentistsearch.com site

The *National Medicare Advantage Network is the nationwide network used by most Individual Medicare Advantage plans (including the Dental Platinum Rider) unless you have selected a plan with a special network. If you have a Dual Special Needs Plan, review the network drop-down options and select the appropriate state-level Dual Special Needs Plan that you are enrolled in (Example: Florida UnitedHealthcare Dual Complete Network). If not, select the *National UnitedHealthcare Dual Complete Network.

Customers can search via dentist location, name, or practice.

UHC Medicare Dentist Search Customer Service

  • 1-800-445-9090
  • email at provdirectory@yourdentalplan.com
  • The phone number for the Florida UnitedHealthcare Dual Complete Network could not be found

Please note if you reside in the states of Arizona, Florida, New York, or Pennsylvania or purchase a rider in CA then you may have a different network.

If you are unsure which network to choose please call the number on your ID card or the EOC.

UHC Provider Search Website

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